Hoi An seeks experts’ opinion in preserving its urban heritage values

An International Conference themed “Preserving and Promoting urban heritage values” took place in Hoi An Ancient City of the Central Province of Quang Nam this morning.

At the conference
At the conference

The conference aims to review the efficiency of the Hoi An Declarations 2003 and 2009 of encouraging promoting new creations from localities and private sectors in its urban heritage sites’ protection and sustainable development.

Leaders of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Quang Nam People’s Committee and representatives from YNESCO, UN-labitat Vietnam attended the event.

Mr. Dinh Van Thu, Chairman of Quang Nam People’s Committee said Hoi An is home to more than 1,000 old architecture relics such as houses, temples, pagoda, well featuring Vietnamese traditional art value and Chinese, Japanese, French styled architectures.

However, in order to preserve and promote its urban heritage values, the city needs to have the cooperation programs and share experience from other countries worldwide as well as international organizations. The Province hopes to receive many opinions from domestic and international management experts, helping the city preserve its outstanding cultural heritage values.

The Hoi An Declaration 2017 was launched at the closing ceremony on the same day. The conference is part of Quang Nam Heritage Festival. 

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