Heat waves just start in Central, Northern Vietnam

The sweltering summer traditionally starts in May and last until August annually, so recent heat waves in the northern and central regions of Vietnam are just the prelude of the scorching heat season this year, according to the National Hydro Meteorological Forecasting Center.

Heat waves just start in Central, Northern Vietnam

In a weather bulletin issued yesterday, the center forecast that heat waves will continue occurring from now until mid-August, mostly concentrating at the end of June and early July.

The Red River Delta and the central region will undergo severe hot and muggy condition. Common temperatures will be 0.5-1 degree Celsius higher than the average level in previous years from July to October.

On June 15, the swelter was found back in the northern region although heavy rainfall has occurred in northern mountainous areas because of a low-pressure trough. The highest temperatures swing from 35-37 degree Celsius.

Hanoi has just escaped from a heat wave and been about to enter a new one (Photo: SGGP)

Meantime, the central region has been undergoing a protracted heat wave for the last several days with temperatures hovering around 35-38 degrees Celsius and over 38 degrees in places.

This year, the flooding season in the Mekong Delta is forecast to come in June or July, later than previous years, with big flooding unlikely to occur.

Heat waves just start in Central, Northern Vietnam ảnh 2 The flooding season is forecast to come later than previous years in the Mekong Delta  (Photo: SGGP)

2019 is predicted to see 10-12 storms, lower than the average number in recent years. Super typhoons might brew with unpredictable path as well as influence level.

El Nino phenomenon will maintain from now until August or September.

The ripe litchi season comes amid the scorching heat in the northern region yearly (Photo: SGGP)

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