HCMC's districts complete vaccination campaigns for people aged over 65 years

Thu Duc City and many districts of Ho Chi Minh City have basically completed the largest-ever vaccination campaign for the elderly at Covid-19 vaccination points in the localities and hospitals.  
HCMC's districts complete vaccination campaigns for people aged over 65 years ảnh 1 At a vaccination point for old people in Binh Thanh District Hospital  (Photo: Huyen Huong)
According to the Steering Committee for Covid-19 prevention and control of Phu Nhuan District, over 15,069 residents in Phu Nhuan District have been vaccinated against coronavirus. Among them, there are 124 people aged over 90 and two people over 100 years. 

To accelerate the vaccination progress, the locality arranged nine out of 19 vaccination sites for over 65-year old people and mobilized private medical facilities and medical staff from hospitals and clinics to ensure safe injection.

In District 11, 19,637 people aged over 65 years got their first shot of Covid-19 vaccine. Among them, over 3,000 people are over 80 years old. The district organized 20 vaccination points serving the elderly.

It is expected that Tan Binh District will perform the vaccination for 1,500 people in the group aged over 65 years on August 11 , bringing the total number of elderly people getting their first dose of Covid-19 vaccine to 26,000 ones. To reach the plan, the district has arranged over 70 vaccination points along with mobile vaccination teams to prioritize this group of people.

In Go Vap District, more than 19,000 out of 21,000 people aged over 65 years and older got their Covid-19 vaccines. The district organized six vaccination points and one point in the hospital serving the elderly people. In the coming time, the district will arrange more mobile vaccination teams for people aged over 65 years facing transportation difficulties.

Binh Thanh District has carried out the vaccination for nearly 23,000 out of 33,000 people aged over 65 years.

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