HCMC takes heed of controlling traffic to reduce congestion

The Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee directed to well control traffic in in front of commercial centers, high-rise buildings, schools and hospitals to reduce congestion.

One of key traffic constructions in HCMC (Photo: SGGP)
One of key traffic constructions in HCMC (Photo: SGGP)
City authorities will take heed of development of crowded residential quarters, commercial centers, and high-rise buildings. The city will install traffic signs in front of schools and hospitals to prohibit parking in streets and pavements.
Before giving the green light to construction projects of condos, city administrations will make an assessment on urban traffic impacts caused by the project.
In addition to fee collections on personal vehicles, effective use of existing infrastructure will help solving traffic gridlock and accidents in the city
Investment disbursement on traffic infrastructure development is still low just satisfying 12.3 percent of demand. Moreover, there has been no mechanism to make breakthrough in site clearance tasks and investment mobilization for infrastructure construction. Public transportation has just met 10 percent of city dwellers’ traveling demand.
The city People’s Committee also requested to rearrangement of road construction execution to ensure the city’s beauty with punishment to be imposed on violators. Contractors will receive punishment if they don’t complete the project speed and quality.
In early 2020, experts have warned traffic order will be under more pressure because of fast urbanization and rise in personal vehicles. These factors will cause overload for the city’s infrastructure system or traffic in the city will be more complex in the next time.
The municipal Department of Transport will take several measures including adjusting and rerouting traffic in roads especially in the city’s worst traffic jam hotspots and traffic bottlenecks.
Additionally, authorities will ban trucks, container trucks from entering city center and Tan Son Nhat Airport and in some roads. Surveillance cameras will be installed in many streets to detect violator who will be fined heavily.
The city will pay attention to developing public transportation with bus rapid transit using compressed natural gas (CNG), an eco-friendly alternative to gasoline, to increase transport capacity as well as invest in designated stations to connect bus with other transportation kinds and complete smart electronic tickets.
Last but not least, the city will enhance technologies and IT in building and managing traffic. The Department of Transport will publicize its  portal widely so that residents can send their complaints of infrastructure incidents.
Last time, the Department of Transport has completed management system of urban traffic with focus on planning key roads, ring roads, intersections as well as facilitated multimodal transportation through better multimodal linkages between rivers, ports, and highways, and satellite urban districts, synchronous existing traffic infrastructure development.

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