HCMC strives to become free-rabies city by 2020

Ho Chi Minh City started to undertake some activities to be recognized a city of no rabies risk by 2020.

HCMC strives to become free-rabies city by 2020
In its document to district authorities, the municipal People’s Committee requested to write the number of cats and dogs in each households, residential quarters as well as increase information of rabies dangers, measures against the disease and importance of vaccination for pets.
As per the document, the authorities ordered households raising dogs and cats to register with local governments. These households must keep environment hygiene in their neighborhood.
Additionally, they are not allow to let animals freely roam in the public and take the animals to vets for vaccination periodically and keep up the vaccination.
Administrations must build a system to supervise animal disease to detect case of rabies early. Plus, mass vaccination program is needed in area where has reported deaths due to rabies.
The governments must ban the roadside sale of animals.
The city strives to be city free of rabies by 2020.

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