HCMC Chairman ordered to accelerate administrative reforms in 2024

The Chairman of the Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee ordered to accelerate administrative reforms in 2024.

HCMC Chairman orders to accelerate administrative reforms in 2024

The municipal People's Committee has just issued the Chairman's guidance that heads of departments and chairpersons of people's committees om districts and Thu Duc City were asked to effectively implement the annual administrative reform plan (PAR).

At the same time, the city chairman encouraged and rewarded civil servants who performed well their duties while appointing those with outstanding abilities and initiatives for administrative reforms. In particular, the city Chairman asked to focus on effectively implementing the plan to launch the administrative reform emulation movement for the period 2023 – 2025 and implementing solutions related to evaluation, rotation, and appointment of officials, civil servants, and public employees.

Under the chairman’s guidance, departments, agencies and district administrations must prioritize financial resources for the building and perfection of the law, and the improvement of effective and efficient law enforcement while s for civil servants and public employees in the state administrative system under authority according to the present regulations.

Moreover, local governments must effectively adopt solutions to attract talented people including excellent graduates and highly qualified people to work in state agencies and units of the city's political machinery.

In addition, departments, agencies and authorities in districts continue to deploy solutions to improve discipline, administrative discipline, quality of public service performance, and improvement of the public service quality to satisfy city dwellers and businesses whilst imposing discipline and administrative discipline on violators to ensure strictness in law enforcement and strengthen people's trust in the Party and government.

Furthermore, these bodies must be determined to combat waste in the use of public finance and restructure spending on development investment to increase by at least 2 percent annually to shift the spending structure from now to the end of the year to reach 40 percent.

The Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee requested to urgently and seriously implement tasks and solutions to remove obstacles, speed up project implementation progress and disbursement of public investment capital in 2024.

Accordingly, the Department of Finance was assigned to coordinate to comment on contents related to the development of a decree regulating the preparation of estimates, management and use of regular state budget funds to implement investment in construction, renovation, upgrading and expansion of projects that have been invested. The Department also purchases and upgrades equipment and machinery in simplified procedures.

The Department of Home Affairs is responsible for proposing plans to organize and arrange Steering Committees including the Administrative Reform Steering Committee, Digital Transformation Steering Committee, and Project 06 Steering Committee. At the same time, the Department must strengthen inspections to check whether officials, civil servants, public employees and workers of state administrative agencies work enough hours.

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