Gold statues of Saint Giong introduced to public in Ha Noi

Two out of 60 gold statues of Saint Giong, part of the project ‘Spirit of Saint Giong’ were officially introduced to the public  in Ha Noi on August 19, celebrating the 60th anniversary of the capital's Liberation Day (October 10, 1954 – 2014).

The project was launched by the Vietnamese Association of Historical Science, the Buddhist Institute of Viet Nam and An Ninh Thu Do (Capital Security) Newspaper.

Gold statues of Saint Giong are masterpiece of the 21st century sculpture, symbol of national strength, values of culture, history and spirituality and love of peace.

In addition, the gold statues were carved by traditional gold plated handmade with a height of 0.8 meters and weight of 60 kilogram.

All the 60 statues were designed by sculptor Nguyen Kim Xuan based on an original statue of Saint Giong in Soc Son District, Hanoi.

After completing the 60 gold statues of Saint Giong, series of praying ceremonies of peace and happiness will be held in Soc Temple in Soc Son district, Ha Noi on September 27.

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