Flights cancelled due to storm Hato

The national flag carrier Vietnam Airlines (VNA) has just announced that it will stop exploiting five flights on international routes on August 23-24 because of the influence of on- going storm, Hato in China.
Flights cancelled due to storm Hato
Due to the bad weather, five flights No. VN592 and VN593 connecting Hanoi and Hong Kong (China); VN594, VN595 and VN599 between Ho Chi Minh City and Hong Kong (China) were canceled. These flights will be re-timed on August 24.
The dates or times of departure or arrival of flights No.VN502 and VN503 linking Ho Chi Minh City and Guangzhou, and flights No.506 and VN507 from Hanoi to Guangzhou on August 23 are also changed.
Passengers can access website, or contact the ticket offices of the carrier throughout the country for further information.

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