Finger-Style Guitar Festival 2017 to be held in main cities

Vietnam International Fingerstyle Guitar Festival 2017 will take place at the Youth Theater in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory of Music on July 18-19 respectively.
Finger-Style Guitar Festival 2017 to be held in main cities
The event, part of the International Finger-Style Guitar Festival (IFSGF) comprises a series of international finger style guitar concerts. The annual event has been organized continuously since 2010 in Asia with the participation of famous finger style guitarists from many countries.

Artists of IFSGF 2017 will perform in Vietnam, including Justin King from the U.S, Jacques Stotzem of Belgium, Agustin Amigo of Germany, Akihiro Tanaka of Japan, and Duy Phong of Vietnam.

Recognized as a pioneering guitarist for his percussive “tapping” playing style which consists of a variety of influences ranging from Flamenco to Celtic music, Justin King is believed to bring the satisfaction to audience through his skillful performance.

Jacques Stotzem is one of the “finger style” guitarists with the most diversified style. His unique and highly refined playing style combines a well-developed melodic sense with a rare dynamic approach to the instrument that speaks directly to the listener. Jacques, unlike many guitar players today, possesses an in-depth sense of harmonic knowledge, which is evident throughout his compositions.

 “Soulful performance, touching and beautiful” (SMU Broadcast & Entertainment Singapore) is exactly what Agustin’s performance is about. More than that, “Amigo has a great clarity in the voicing of his music. He has his own distinct style that makes it enjoyable to listen to but also a tremendous quality of sound coming through his guitar and setup, as notes blend into certain notes and others fade creating a great flow and feel” (Amazon).

 Being Yamaha Music’s Demo Artist, Akihiro Tanaka has been recognized through his hits “Silver Wings”, “Etude of the sun” and some other wonderful covers. His guitar arrangements are a combination of smooth chord changes, catchy grooves and prominent bass lines.

Duy Phong is a young and talented Vietnamese guitarist who shared the same stage with guitar sensation Sungha Jung at his concert in Vietnam 2014. Duy Phong has a calm and soulful playing style with creative arrangements, he is a potential factor for Vietnam finger style guitar in future.

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