Film “Tam Cam-Untold Story” competes at 2017 FEFF

Film “Tam Cam-Untold Story” by movie star/producer Ngo Thanh Van will participate in the 19th Udine Far East Film Festival – FEFF from April 21-28.
Film “Tam Cam-Untold Story” competes at 2017 FEFF

The 2017 Far East Film Festival in Udine is the best movie festival in Italy dedicated to the Asian cinema culture.

This year’s event themed “Expect the unexpected” attracts 72 films from countries and territories throughout the world, such as Japan, Singapore, Taiwan (China), France, Spain, Brazil and others; and over 100 filmmakers and producers  from Asia and Europe.

The principal aim of the Far East Film Festival has always been that of reducing the cultural distance between the East and the West by showcasing the films which are popular in Asia.

The film fest also includes the Focus Asia, a film market giving Asian and European buyers the opportunity to discuss genre film productions. Every selected project will be evaluated over the course of three days, from 26th to 28th April, by important and influential decision makers and possible financiers from both film industries. The Focus Asia was launched for the first time in last year.

The 90-minute movie, Tam Cam-Untold Story, is based on the fairy tale Tam Cam, best known as the Vietnamese version of Cinderella. The story is about an orphan girl named Tam who is beautiful and hard-working. She is known for her kindness towards everyone, including animals, around her. She lives with her stepmother and half-sister Cam who often finds ways to harm her. After facing challenges, Tam finally gets married to the King and lives happily ever after.

Film producer Ngo Thanh Van has been named in the list of the 50 most influential women in Vietnam in 2017, voted by Forbes Vietnam. She and her company, VAA are working on a new film Co Ba Sai Gon (Miss Saigon) which is expected to be released in this Fall.

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