European-Vietnamese documentary film festival in June

The sixth annual European-Vietnamese Documentary Film Festival in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in June will feature award-winning films.

Seven European films will be screened, including “Small secret” from France, “Boleslaw Matuszewski – The Unknown Pioneer Of Cinematography” from Poland, “Forget me Not” from Germany, and “The Human Scale” from Denmark.

The National Film Studio for Documentary and Science Films Vietnam will show documentaries “When You Cannot Overcome Yourself,” “Tsunami, Earthquake – Immeasurable Disasters,” “A Mu Sung Peak,” and “Philosopher Tran Duc Thao”

There will be a series of documentaries from Southeast Asian countries, including “Where I Go” from Cambodia, “Behind the Screen” from Myanmar, “Another Color TV" from Indonesia, and “Considering” from Thailand.

The festival will take place in Hanoi from June 4 to 12 and in HCMC from June 21 to 29.

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