Enhancing information of food safety needed: Deputy PM

Presiding a conference on food safety yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam said that it is needed to enhance information of food safety.
Illustrative photo
Illustrative photo
He took safe food chains in localities, certified farms and slaughterhouses as examples. He said that the name of household businesses to sell safe food can be searched on internet to encourage people to make safe products.
According to reports, 21,811 inspection teams have been set up in cities and provinces countryside as of October 2019 paying visits to 427, 842 business establishments.
More than 65,000 business establishes have been found out to violate the regulation. Inspectors collected VND43 billion (US$1.8 million) fines on 12,000 violating establishments.
Moreover, inspection teams asked to stop circulation of 169 products and destroyed products of 3,000 other facilities.
So far, all cities and provinces have developed 1,492 safe food chains to sell 2,381 foodstuff products at 3,267 shops.
However, prevention of smuggled commodities is bumping into difficulties.
Besides, it is hard to control killing poultry and cattle in small-scale slaughterhouses in villages or residential quarters. Worrying enough, breeders of small farms still secretly use antibiotic or banned substances without clear indication of origin.
Therefore, Deputy PM Vu Duc Dam asked competent agencies to take samples for test and apply measures to prevent supply of the antibiotic in livestock as well as finish information system of food safety acorss the country.

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