DK1 Battalion celebrates 25th anniversary of foundation of DK1 Frame House

Soldiers, officers of DK1 Battalion under Navy Zone 2 celebrated a solemn ceremony at DK1 Frame House on July 4, to mark the 25th anniversary of foundation of the cluster of economics-science-services (DK1; 5-7-1989 and 5-7-2014).

In the last 25 years, the officers and soldiers have lived and worked at the Frame House DK1. They have always completed excellently their mission in protecting Vietnam Islands and Sea‘s sovereignty.

At the ceremony, officers and soldiers of DK 1 commemorated and expressed deeply their gratitude to soldiers, who were swept away by waves 20 years ago.

On this occasion, Vice Chairman of HCMC Fatherland Front Committee Huynh Dang Linh handed over a 16-seat car worth VND 1, 1 billion to DK1 Battalion.

The gift was donated by HCMC people.

DK1 Frame- house was places on sea in the 25 last years (Photo:SGGP)

DK1 Frame- house was places on sea in the 25 last  years (Photo:SGGP)

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