Disabled people frustrated at being denied chance to work

Around 56,600 people with disabilities in Ho Chi Minh City still face problems seeking jobs, doing business and discrimination despite policies of healthcare, learning support, loan borrowing and employment chance designed to help them,.

So few disabled people employed. Many enterprises still refuse to receive employees with disabilities who satisfy job requirement as their non-disabled peers.
Ms. Tran Ngoc My in District 10, who is also physically disabled, said that companies asked her to leave the job document they will contact her later; however, she never receives phones from them. At last she is employed with lower income than her non-disabled colleagues.
Nguyen Hoang Trung, who works with a startup for people with disabilities in Phu Nhuan District, said that he and disabled peers found it difficult to access to special policies for them.
Specifically, most of them don’t know where to find out employment information and labor market. Also they don’t know how much they will enjoy exemption when renting a space for a startup.
One of the preoccupations of disabled student Le Thanh Hung of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology is where disabled graduates can get a job because of severe discrimination. Just one fifth of 56,000 disabled people in HCMC are employed; therefore, how the remaining people live without employment?
Ms. Tran Ngoc My voiced her opinion that the government should amend the policies which stipulates enterprises with at least 30 per cent of physically disabled staff to qualify for city funds and exempted land lease fees, or other fees. She said the Government should reduce the rate to below 30 per cent.
In addition to difficulties in finding a job, these special people face other barriers in life. Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Ha in district 4 complained that traveling in crowded hospital can be a challenging experience for people with disabilities like her.
Meantime, Ms. Le Thi Diem in Cu Chi District said she has a complex about her physical disability as bus drivers are not friendly with people with disabilities. Other problems of bus drivers’ behaviors and bus stop installations caused difficulties for these special citizens.
Deputy Head of the Department of Transport’s Human Resource Room Manh Thanh Hai promised to change bus drivers’ attitude to disabled customers adding that the Department has provide training to them many times but some of drivers still have bad behaviors
Upon employment for people with disabilities, the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs said that in nine months of the year, 453 disabled people were receiving vocational training while 763 others are employed. Nearly 2,200 disabled people were given loan, wheelchair, production machines.
Chief of the Social Sponsor ward Vo Minh Hoang said that the Department will continue organizing job fair for special citizens as well as provide more vocational training to disabled women and consume products made by disabled persons.
The Department also asked infirmaries to facilitate treatment procedure for disabled people.

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