Director-choreographer opens Youtube classes on traditional dances

 “Dance with Le Viet” is a new educational series on Youtube by Vietnamese director and choreographer Le Viet and his dance crew, with the hopes of showing aspiring dancers the arts and practice of traditional dances.
Le Viet’s dance crew performing on stage
Le Viet’s dance crew performing on stage

Le Viet has harbored his love for dancing and choreographing since he was a child. He had experiences organizing dances for municipality teacher’s festivals.

Within the past 18 years, he was the head of his district’s Cultural Center dance club and did staging for state-level and national-level contests.

With a burning passion for dancing, Le Viet founded the Phuong Viet dance crew (now known as Ngoc Trai Viet Modern Ethnic Art Troupe) to put up traditional folk dance performances.

Besides being both the choreographer and director for his crew, he has been a trainer to young dancers as well as a judge in multiple dance competitions.

With 20 years in the field, Le Viet expressed that most traditional dance crews do not have any reference for their choreography, and often get clothings, musical pieces and dance moves of various ethnics groups mixed up.

These confusions inadvertently misrepresent the unique values and characteristics of each ethnic group, and strip the dance routines of cultural accuracy.

As a result, Le Viet now launches the Youtube channel to show young dance lovers the correct basic dance moves, routines, techniques, and costumes of multiple ethnic groups.

The first video in the series demonstrates basic moves and hand gestures used in the dance routines of Kinh people, the main ethnic group of Vietnam.

The moves and techniques shown in his instructional series “Dance with Le Viet” are taken from the folk dance curriculum of HCMC Dance School and simplified by Viet and his crew for dance lovers to use as reference.

He also recommends professional dance training institutions in the videos.

Viet believes that by representing traditional dance routines with correct moves and ethnic costumes will help promote and pass down the art to future generations.

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