Digital transformation in education sector aims for quality improvement

Inspiring digital transformation goal visible in education is the improved teaching and learning quality.
A meeting on the education sector's digital transformation

A meeting on the education sector's digital transformation

At the Digital Education Technology conference recently organized by the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City on the occasion of National Digital Transformation Day on October 10, educationists affirmed that the National Digital Transformation Program until 2025 with an orientation to 2030 has identified one of the digital transformation aimed for the education sector.

According to the Department of Education and Training of Ho Chi Minh City, city leaders have paid heed to digital transformation and the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in the education sector. During the 2 years affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, the application of technology in online teaching and learning in Ho Chi Minh City's education sector has clearly produced good foreseeable achievement.

Therefore, the city's education sector determines that digital transformation promotion is an important solution to improve the quality of education and paves the way for the building of an advanced education system with the aim for global integration, especially training human resources for the city’s digital transformation.

According to recent survey results on readiness indicators for applying technology to the education sector in Ho Chi Minh City, 88 percent of schools in the city have a digital strategy or plan to combine its information technology in teaching and school management while 82 percent of students use safe, appropriate digital devices. In particular, up to 78 percent of students improved their learning process thanks to the use of information technology.

Deputy Director of the Department of Education and Training of Ho Chi Minh City Nguyen Bao Quoc said that digital transformation in education is the development of the digital economy to assist the country in catching up with other countries in the region and the world.

Currently, the Department of Education and Training of Ho Chi Minh City is proposing solutions, aiming at positive teaching methods to encourage students to develop their capacity. The sector also focuses on applying technology platforms for students to develop their digital competencies. Moreover, an information technology program will be launched to help students’ digital skills.

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