Deputy PM visits fire victims at hospital

Deputy Standing Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh yesterday visited fire victims who were being treated in Cho Ray hospital.

Deputy PM Binh visits a fire victim at Cho Ray Hospital (Photo: SGGP)
Deputy PM Binh visits a fire victim at Cho Ray Hospital (Photo: SGGP)

Eleven fire victims and one fireman have been treated in the hospitals. Amongst 11 victims in the hospital, Le Phan Trong Nhan and Tran Yen Minh have been treated in the hospital’s intensive care unit because of their critical condition.

Head of the ICU Dr. Phan Thi Xuan said that victims were recovering well. When Le Phan Trong Nhan was taken to the hospital, he fell in coma yet he was conscious. Through testing, doctors said no brain damage.

The second victim Tran Yen Minh had to breathe via ventilator assistance because she had breathing problem. Other victims in the ICU have been suffering upper airway injuries because of smoke inhalation.

The Deputy PM encouraged patients to rest for their health, advising doctors to provide treatment for fire victims as top priority.

The big fire early on March 23 at District 8-based Carina Plaza apartment blocks took away the lives of 13 residents and left 28 others injured. Related articles:Vice State President shares sorrow with fire victims’ relativesHCMC Party Chief Nhan directs to review firefighting task in condominium