Covid-19 workers treated at home face difficulty in getting sick leave

According to the National Assembly’s Law Committee, many workers in some localities who are being treated for Covid-19 at home have been facing difficulty in getting a sick leave to enjoy social insurance benefits as a basis because of cumbersome procedures. 
Covid-19 workers treated at home face difficulty in getting sick leave ảnh 1 Covid-19 workers treated at home face difficulty in getting sick leave
On behalf of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly’s Law Committee, Chairman Hoang Thanh Tung has sent a report of implementing resolution No 30/2021 about some problems related to Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control to the working group.
As stated in this report, because of the rise of Covid 19’s community infections in Vietnam's ongoing Covid-19 wave leading to the overloaded medical facilities, medical staff can’t take care of all patients. As a result, many Covid-19 patients have to find out drugs that are not verified by medical authorities on social media sites which might put patients in danger.
At some wards in Hanoi, coronavirus carriers must bring test kits to local medical stations where they write the declaration of their test results. Because of a complicated procedure, many Covid-19 patients don't want to declare their health status to local medical stations but self-medicate at home.
Noticeably, following the surge in the number of infections in the community, the demand of Covid-19 rapid test kits increased whereas many kinds of test kits have not been qualified.
The demand for Covid-19 rapid test kits is forecast to increase and last for a long time. Meanwhile, at present, more than 95 percent of infected people with mild symptoms receiving medical home-care have to pay for all treatment costs including testing costs. This is a great burden for them.
Therefore, the report also stated plainly that it is necessary to strengthen the inspection and supervision of businesses of these items to stop fluctuations in the prices of these commodities to protect consumers’ rights. 
The Standing Committee of the Law Committee proposed the Ministry of Health coordinate with relevant agencies to study, guide, and amend documents according to its competence.
Additionally, the Ministry of Health can propose competent authorities to issue documents to deal with the issues that have not been specified in legal documents to remove obstacles for facilitation of medical treatment for people with Covid-19 at home.

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