Viet A Company imports 3 million Covid-19 test kits from China

Viet A Technology Company imports 3 million Covid-19 test kits from China, the General Department of Customs announced yesterday.


Viet A Company imports 3 million Covid-19 test kits from China ảnh 1 Test kits of Viet A
In response to the media release of Viet A Company’s test kits, on the evening of January 20, the General Department of Customs informed that Viet A Technology Company directed by Phan Quoc Viet imported about 3 million quick test kits worth roughly VND 65 billion within three months from China.
Responsible agencies will continue to investigate seven companies involving the case.
Phan Quoc Viet is the CEO of Viet A Technology Joint Stock Company with tax code 0304851147), has 5 branches, and is in the name of the director in 11 companies. Only Viet A Technology Company operates in the field of import and trading of machinery, medical equipment and instruments, import of laboratory reagents used in seafood, PCR primers, and laboratory accessories.
The company’s main imported products from 2017 to 2021 include the finished product set of quick test strips for qualitative testing of SARS-CoV-2 virus antigen named Novel Coronavirus 2019-nCoV Antigen Test (Colloidal Gold) imported from China by this company from September to December 2021.
The company has bought around 3 million quick test strips with the price of US$0.955 a kit declared by the company.
The company also imported chemical raw materials, reagents, accessories, tools, laboratory machinery, and raw materials for the production of diagnostic test products from 2017 to 2021 from many countries.
According to the General Department of Customs, Viet A Technology Company has a total import turnover of VND286 billion in the five years 2017-2021. In which, the finished product quick test strips, chemicals, reagents, and standards used in the laboratory are nearly VND162 billion including VND64.68 billion of finished test strips, VND74 billion of chemicals, reagents, and other substances used in the laboratory, and VND23 billion for laboratory instruments and VND123 billion for machinery and equipment of all kinds for testing and research in the laboratory.
Currently, the General Department of Customs is coordinating with authorities to verify and investigate seven companies involved in Viet A Company including Technical Import-Export Company - Technimex, Biomedic Company, Vietnam Technical and Applied Biology Company, Lan Oanh Scientific Equipment Company, Viet Hoang Long Trading Company, Vina Biochemistry Equipment Company, and TBR Technology Joint Stock Company.

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