Covid-19 patients in high school exempt from graduation exams

The Ministry of Education and Training’s guidelines list three conditions a student can be exempt from the 2021 high school graduation exam.

The first is when a student who had completed the 2021’s curriculum or had failed the exam before becomes a victim of a road accident, illness or cannot take the exam on the scheduled date due to other reasons. These students must have good ratings for academic achievements and conduct.

The second condition is when a student cannot continue with the exam after completing at least one test due to the reasons above. These students must score at least 5/10 for the tests they completed and have school ratings above average.

The third applicable condition is when a student is an athlete exempt from graduation tests under Decree 36/2019, or has won medals in sports competitions.

Also, candidates suffering from Covid-19 and require special treatments are exempt from the graduation tests under force majeure.

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