Từ khóa: #high school graduation exam

Candidates are sitting the Literature test in the morning of July 7. (Photo: SGGP)

Content of High School Graduation exam suitable for level of most test-takers

Over one million high school learners all over the country entered the first test of the High School Graduation Exam yesterday morning. Educational experts commented that the content of Maths and Literature papers this year are compatible to the level of most candidates, who have been seriously affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Test-takers are entering exam sites, protected by the Youth Volunteers. (Photo: SGGP)

HCMC maintaining order, security for exam sites

On many streets throughout Ho Chi Minh City, the traffic police are on duty to maintain order, keep smooth traffic flow, and provide necessary directions for candidates of the High School Graduation Exam when necessary.

Candidates taking part in the second turn of the competence assessment, held by VNU-HCMC

Competence assessment for university admission becoming more competitive

The competence assessment of Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City (VNU-HCMC) this year attracted over 120,000 test-takers, the highest number ever. The quantity of universities using the assessment results also rises to nearly 90. This increase, along with updated admission regulations from the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) makes entering a university via this method harsher.

Candidates finished the Foreign Language test at the test site of Minh Duc Junior High in District 1 of HCMC for the high school graduation exam on July 8, 2021. (Photo: SGGP)

Clear, stable roadmap for university admission in Vietnam still unavailable

Facing many serious incidents in university entrance examination and high school graduation one lately, the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) decided to submit to the Government one possible exam plan, used as a tool to recognize high school graduation and screen candidates for university admission from 2020. Sadly, this plan seems like a patchwork for each year rather than a stable master plan for expert comments.

Candidates passing the admission scores of HCMC Industrial University in 2021 submitted necessary documents when learning offline from February 14.

Innovation in university admission methods meets organization challenges

Efforts of the Vietnamese education in the last 20 years to innovate university enrollment methods have brought about certain positive results. Many issues, however, have arisen due to short-term and rather unsystematic planning. Seeing that the new primary and secondary curricula are being launched, there are expectations for practical changes by the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) to this important university admission matter.

High school graduation exam in 2022 to be same as in 2021

High school graduation exam in 2022 to be same as in 2021

The high school graduation exam in the academic year 2021- 2022 will be organized as same as the prior one, according to the plan to organize high school graduation exams and university and college admissions in 2022 which has officially been announced by the Ministry of Education and Training.

Candidates taking part in the aptitude test held by Ton Duc Thang University on July 18, 2020. (Photo: SGGP)

Registration for university in 2020 witnessing unexpected fluctuation

Through preliminary statistics on registration quantity via high school graduation exam in 2020, many universities nationwide are reporting an unanticipated reduction compared to 2019. However, it is predicted that these data will fluctuate a great deal after candidates for school exit exam know their real test results.