City dwellers grateful for chivalrous deed of “street knights”: Party Chief

Politburo member, Secretary of Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee Nguyen Thien Nhan yesterday paid a visit to “street guardians” who were injured while trying to stop a gang of robbers in the night of May 13 in district 3.

Party Chief Nhan encourages "street knight" Nguyen Duc Huy in Thong Nhat hospital (Photo: SGGP)
Party Chief Nhan encourages "street knight" Nguyen Duc Huy in Thong Nhat hospital (Photo: SGGP)
Street knights Nguyen Duc Huy and Dinh Phu Quy both born in 1996 are being treated in the Heart Department in Thong Nhat Hospital. Nguyen Duc Huy was stabbed in the lung and Dinh Phu Quy’s right hand was slashed.
Medical workers tried their best to save the two men. Their health condition is stable.
Visiting the two young men at their beds in the hospital, Party Chief Nhan said city inhabitants were grateful for their chivalrous deed of the street guardians, wishing they will be soon better.
He asked medical workers to take best care of the street guardians and promissed the city leaders would call for financial assistance for their best treatment. Mr. Nhan stressed all HCMC dwellers are indignant at cruel acts of robbers.
He added that the police have detained a suspect in the robbery, promising that these robbers would incur a punishment appropriate to their cruelties as per the law.
Street knight Nguyen Duc Huy expected that city residents would join in the fight against crimes to keep the city safe and peaceful.
"Street knights" are the name city inhabitants call the volunteers who often prevent or catch robbers in the street. They are bike drivers, bike mechanics, students, greengrocers, construction workers, carpenters… Related article:
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