Children painting exhibition on science world launched

A painting exhibition presenting children’s different views of the science world opened at the French Cultural Exchange Center L Espace in Hanoi on August 10.
Children painting exhibition on science world launched
The event presents 163 pictures by 93 little painters aged from 3-15 in various materials, such as watercolor pencils, crayons, acrylic, lacquer.
Under the guidance of teacher Nguyen Tuan Son who is teaching fine arts at Nguyen Tat Thanh High School and the owner of the Picas Son studio, the children will paint their scientific world with their pure and naive brushes.
Drawings were inspired by the “Ohé Science” collection, giving us the multifaceted image of nature but also answers to children’s questions about nature. The collection includes 10 books, Planets in sight – The solar system; A beautiful plant! – Life of flowering plants; As the crow flies – Migrations; Hot volcanoes – Volcanism; Stars – Astronomy; Water – The water cycle; Rain and fine weather – Meteorology; Like marmots – Hibernation; A horse of horses – A domestic species; Good appetite animals – Diets.
The display will run until August 30.

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