Central region preparing for upcoming torrential rain

Meteorological experts warned that from today’s late afternoon, extreme cold air from the continental center is going to touch the North of Vietnam. When meeting the hot air from the Equator, it will cause long-lasting downpour in the Central region.

Accordingly, after pulling the temperature of Vietnam’s Northern and Northeast regions deep down by 10-15oC, the extreme cold air will move Southwards. It will meet the hot air mass heading North from the Southeast direction to form a tropical convergence strip on the East Sea as well as the central provinces from Quang Binh to Phu Yen. This strip is forecast to cause the precipitation of over 300mm for a long time.

Therefore, the Standing Office of the National Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control yesterday distributed a formal dispatch, asking concerned localities to be well prepared for this upcoming widespread severe cold weather and downpour on land as well as high waves and gales at sea.

Particularly, the Northern and Central provinces urgently guide residents to protect themselves and their assets from flood, severe cold air, whirlwinds, lightning, hail and gales. The mountainous areas should try to ensure safety for senior residents and children. It is forbidden to use honeycomb charcoal stove for heating in a closed room.

The coastal provinces from Quang Ninh to Quang Ngai must deliver timely warnings to ships at sea to avoid high waves and gales during this harsh weather.

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