Canadian chef introduces Vietnamese cuisines on Food TV

Pho Bo (beef rice noodle soup) and iced Vietnamese coffee with milk, Vietnamese special gourmet cuisine and beverage will be introduced by Anna Olson, Canada chef in “Inspired with Anna Olson” food show.

Pho Bo (beef rice noodle soup) (Photo: SGGP)

Pho Bo (beef rice noodle soup) (Photo: SGGP)

Anna Olson is known not only as a talented violinist but also a professional chef.

Within 10 shoot films, “Inspired with Anna Olson” program will be broadcasting exclusively on Asian Food Channel (AFC) at 8pm from July 29.

The program is a part of advertisement tour to her fans in Asian countries.

At each destination, she will introduce street foods to luxury foods.

Especially, Anna Olson will explore Vietnamese dishes and drink with popular chef Jack Lee who will guide how to cook Pho Bo and make iced coffee with milk.

Anna Olson shared that this is an opportunity for her to experience new cooking ways via destination in each country.

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