Binh Dinh promotes model of fishing boats collecting plastic waste on sea

The Binh Dinh Province Fisheries Department yesterday informed that the provincial People’s Committee has just issued a procedure to manage ocean plastic waste from fishing vessels.


Accordingly, Binh Dinh Province sets a goal that in the two years of 2024-2025, 70 percent of its fishermen receive proper propaganda and training on correct acts and management to reduce plastic waste on the sea; 50 percent of fishing boats participate in collecting plastic waste during their trips to recycle inland later.

By 2030, all of its fishing vessels and fishermen will have taken part in this movement of collecting plastic waste on the ocean and bringing it back to gathering points on shore for recycling purposes.

At present, the province applies this regulation to fishing boats with a length of 15m and above. The collected plastic waste will be transported to the fishing ports of Quy Nhon, Tam Quan Nam, and De Gi. There will be suitable infrastructure constructed here, fully equipped with human resources for plastic waste recycling.

In the long term, Binh Dinh Province will adopt more regulations so that fishermen take more responsibilities in the fight against ocean plastic waste.

So far, the province has piloted this for 200 fishing vessels to gather plastic waste at Quy Nhon fishing port. The collected waste was weighed and exchanged with money before being transported to a factory for categorizing and pressing via modern equipment. The processed waste will then be sold to environmental businesses which are in charge of turning it into useful items for consumption.

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