Best Vietnamese books of 2018 announced

Fourteen winners of the annual Good Books Awards were announced at a ceremony held by the Institute of Education (IRED), Phan Chau Trinh Fund and OpenEdu Initiative in Ho Chi Minh City on September 10.


“Day con trong hoang mang” (Teaching Children in Anxiety) by Le Nguyen Phuong is honoured in the education category. (Photo:
“Day con trong hoang mang” (Teaching Children in Anxiety) by Le Nguyen Phuong is honoured in the education category. (Photo:

“Day con trong hoang mang” (Teaching Children in Anxiety) by Le Nguyen Phuong, and “Day con thanh cong hon ca me ho” (Beyond the Tiger Mom) by Maya Thiagarajan and translated by Huyen Trang and Thuy Tien were honoured in the education category.

Educator Gian Tu Trung, a member of the awarding council, said both books are moving stories about education in families, which is seen as increasingly important for a child’s development.

Three volumes of the “Doi song xa hoi Viet Nam duong dai” (Vietnam Contemporary Social Life), which give an insight into Vietnamese society over the years, won the research category.

The translated book “Xa hoi co dai hay nghien cucu cac con duong di len cua loai nguoi tu mong muoi qua da man den van minh” (Ancient Society of Researches in the Lines of Human progress from Savegery through Barbarism to Civilisation) by L.H Morgan and translated by Nguyen Huu Thau was also honoured in this category.

“Tu nha nuoc dieu hanh sang nha nuoc kien tao phat trien” (From Governed State to Tectonic State) by a group of authors, and Giac Mong chau A cua Trung Quoc (China’s Asia Dream) by Tom Miller and translated by Doan Duy were chosen as best books in the economic category.

The management category honoured “Quyen tac gia-Duong hoi nhap khong trai hoa hong” (Authors’ Rights- Integration Path is not all Roses) by Nguyen Van Nam, while Nguyen Van Nam with the translated version of “Blue Ocean Shift” by W.Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne won the category.

“Chuyen ngo ngheo” (Poor Alley) by Nguyen Xuan Khanh, and Doi nhe khon kham (Unbearable Lightness of Being) by Milan Kundera and translated by Trinh Y Thu shone in the literature book category.

Meanwhile, the prizes in the children’s book category went to “Viet cho nhung dieu be nho: khi qua buon hay tuoi nuoc cho mot cai cay” (Write for little things: water a tree when feeling sad) by Truong Huynh Nhu Tran, and “Happy Prince” by Oscar Wilde and translated by Nha Thuyen.

The new discoveries category honoured “Van chuong Sai Gon tu 1881-1924” (Sai Gon literature from 1881-1924) collected by Tran Nhat Vy, and “Homo Deus: Luoc su tuong lai” (Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow) by Yuval Noah Harari and translated by Duong Ngoc Tra.

According to philosophy researcher Bui Van Nam Son, another member of the awarding council, the Good Books Awards has received attention of many scholars, researchers and readers nationwide.

The event aims to encourage the publication of quality books and spread the value of good books in society, he said.