Anti-counterfeit Technology Center opens branch in HCMC

The Anti-counterfeit Technology Center (ACT) Vietnam officially launched its branch in Ho Chi Minh City on November 18, aiming to prevent counterfeit products and protect the rights of consumers and enterprises in the southern region.


The launching ceremony of the Anti-counterfeit Technology Center branch in HCMC (Photo: VNA)
The launching ceremony of the Anti-counterfeit Technology Center branch in HCMC (Photo: VNA)
The opening of the HCM City branch also marks an effort by ACT Vietnam to expand and improve their operation as well as to fulfill their tasks.
The establishment of ACT-HCM is highly appreciated as HCM City and the southern provinces play an important role as it is the economic hub of the country and the commercial gateway connecting Viet Nam and the world.
As a branch of ACT, ACT-HCM will carry out and develop programmes to prevent counterfeit products. It will also be responsible for supporting enterprises to fight against counterfeit products and protect consumers’ rights.
“The establishment of ACT-HCM will help us take advantage of all resources in local areas in the fight against counterfeit in the southern region,” said Pham Van Tho, Director of ACT-HCM.
ACT-HCM will be responsible for providing local enterprises with high-tech solutions such as high-tech stamps and QR codes to prevent counterfeit products.
The branch also will study and provide methods on how to supervise and clarify authentic and counterfeit products. Services relating to preventing counterfeit and fake products, intellectual rights, and barcodes will also be provided.
Training courses and conferences about methods preventing counterfeit products will be organised.
The branch will also co-operate with relevant sectors to support companies in the fight against counterfeit products.
The issue of counterfeit and fake products has been an urgent one for many years. It has had a negative impact on people’s life and health, and affected company’s business.
Together with the Government’s efforts to prevent counterfeit products, the Vietnam Association for Anti-Counterfeiting and Trademark Protection established ACT Vietnam with the main aim of studying and developing high-tech solutions and methods to prevent counterfeit and fake products.
ACT Vietnam is the first organ in Vietnam to receive operation certification granted by the Ministry of Science and Technology in the sector.
Since the establishment, the centre has strongly contributed to the national efforts to fight counterfeit and fake products. The centre has designed many solutions like anti-counterfeit stamps, product-origin stamps and mobile chips. The centre’s blockchain solutions used to fight against counterfeit products have been widely used by many organisations and companies.

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