2,000 youth partake in campaign “Youth with traffic culture”

Young people are exchanging helmets for city residents (Photo: SGGP)
Young people are exchanging helmets for city residents (Photo: SGGP)
Nearly 2,000 young people partook in a ceremony “Young People with traffic culture 2015” and a meeting in response to media campaign to wear WHO-standard helmets held by the Ho Chi Minh City Young Communist Union and the city steering aboard of traffic safety yesterday.

The campaign aims to increase traffic regulation and improve people’s awareness especially amongst young people, students.

The organization board set up 5 teams comprising of 1,000 young people to take part in activities such as giving 1,000 standard helmets to motorbike taxies, parading through streets, giving new helmets in exchange for old ones for residents living along bus stations and providing training for traffic safety; partaking in a competition about road traffic regulation, opening a hypothetical court to increase knowledge of traffic law to people; distributing life-jackets to people at ferries as well as taking care of children from families who have relatives dying traffic accidents.

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