11 earthquakes occur in Kon Tum, Quang Ngai in just 24 hours

The Earthquake Information and Tsunami Warning Center under the Institute of Geophysics informed that 11 earthquakes occurred in Kon Tum and Quang Ngai from the early morning of July 7 to the afternoon of the same day.

The first earthquake jolted in Ba To District, Quang Ngai Province with a magnitude of 3.1 on the Richter scale and a focal depth of around ten kilometers.

Just a few hours later, Kon Plong District in the Central Highlands of Kon Tum recorded consecutive earthquakes with a maximum magnitude of 4.2 on the Richer scale, causing noticeable tremors.

According to Dr. Nguyen Xuan Anh, Director of the Institute of Geophysics, the consecutive earthquakes may be related to water storage of hydroelectric reservoirs.

It is forecasted that the situation of earthquakes could continue to happen in Kon Plong in the next years.

The Department of Dike Management and Disaster Prevention and Control under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development reported that from the beginning of July, the whole country has recorded 137 earthquakes, mainly in Kon Kum.

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