"100 songs for children" book released

A children’s songbook featuring 100 songs has been released by composer Nguyen Van Chung.
A children art performance
A children art performance

The book titled “100 Songs for Children” includes songs about childhood, family, friends, school, national holidays and country; and beautiful pictures, coloring pages, sheet music and an audio CD to help young readers learn how to sing and play instruments. 

Song were composed in during three years. The musician also released four  children's music CDs of 10 songs each.

Musician Nguyen Van Chung is well-known for the family songs , Nhat Ky Cua Me (Mom’s Diary) and Gia Dinh Nho Hanh Phuc To (Small Family, Great Love). Chung has composed several hundred songs, including top hits such as Vang Trang Khoc (Tears of the Moon), Chiec Khan Gio Am  (Beautiful Scarf) and Chuyen Tinh Duoi Mua  (Love in Rain).

He has also given music and singing classes to children.

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