"Yen Bai Tourism Year" festival opens

The Yen Bai Tourism Year titled "Lung Linh Sac Mau Yen Bai" (Glamourous Yen Bai) opened at the provincial square 19/8 on May 19.
"Yen Bai Tourism Year" festival opens

The event is part of the National Tourism Year 2017, themed "Northwest Colours", marking the 127th birthday of the late President Ho Chi Minh (May 19).
On the occasion, the local authorities has also organized a series of art performances and cultural activities from May 19-21, such as workshops on promoting Yen Bai tourism with the participation of more than 100 travel businesses.

Highlights are a paragliding festival which was held on May 20-21 in Khau Pha pass, Mu Cang Chai District; a festival honoring the Mother Goddess of Forest Worshipping Practice at Dong Cuong temple in Van Yen District.
The event aims also to attract business investment to Yen Bai and the Northwest region.

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