VNU-HCM to host forum for young scholars

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The second young scholars forum, themed ‘VNU-HCM young scholars – pioneers in applying innovation to engage and serve the community’, focuses on the three main topics of

1. Proposing a feasible model to spread knowledge to the community, commercializing research results, discussing possible connection models between universities – localities – businesses as well as models of circular economy, digital economy, green economy and innovative startup ecosystems at the national and local levels

2. Proposing scientific-technological measures to establish a green and smart university urban area with its own identity

3. Proposing solutions to form suitable values and a competence framework for young scholars in VNU-HCM.

The forum is considered a proper place for young scholars, being researchers, lecturers, specialists, students, and postgraduates, to discuss current issues related to them and suggest practical policies, mechanisms, initiatives, and solutions for the national growth.

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