Tri-colored Nhat Tan peach blossoms wow Da Lat tourists

As Tet draws near, locals and visitors to Muoi Loi peach blossom valley in Da Lat are blown away by the unique trees that grow three types of peach blossoms on the same tree.
Artisan Bui Van Sang, owner of the garden, said he had learned the method of layering from his late father, artisan Muoi Loi.

Over 20 years ago, Mr. Muoi Loi brought home 300 Nhat Tan peach blossom buds and tried to have them grow on Da Lat peach trees, looking to get a new variety with good health, beautiful flowers and can blossom right during Tet. 

Later on, Sang took over his father’s garden with 1,000 hybrid peach blossom trees.
Each Tet, Muoi Loi peach blossom valley is filled with flowers of various colors. People come here to sight-see, take photos, and buy or rent hybrid peach blossoms to adorn their houses.

This year, new arrivals to the garden include hybrids of Hanoi’s white, light pink and fiery pink blossoms on Da Lat peach blossom hosts. According to Sang, the biggest obstacle when creating these hybrids is to make all varieties blossom at the same time, because the white ones usually bloom faster.

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