Travel recovery via discount programs actually not good solution

Travel recovery via discount programs amid the chaos of the global coronavirus outbreak is actually not a good solution, affirmed Standing Vice President of the Vietnam Tourism Association (VITA) Mr. Vu The Binh at a press conference of the National Travel Forum 2021 and the International Travel Fair 2021.

The VITA leader said that the enterprises immediately think about cheap travel deals to enhance travel stimulation. Last year, the tourism sector launched travel stimulation programs for a maximum of the third-to-fourth times. 

Airlines, hotel & restaurant operators and business travelers currently perform discount programs; however, VITA does not recommend the enterprises to take advantage of travel deals instead of ensuring fixed prices and raising service quality.

According to Mr. Vu The Binh, the local travel stimulation in the current context has been more diversified than the previous years but once the tourism sector is restored, the service prices will climb back.

The forum is expected to take place in Ninh Binh Province on April 14 and 15 with the participation of 500 enterprises, management units and representatives of press agencies. 

In the event, there will be many initiatives and new proposals to restore Vietnam’s tourism sector in the current difficult period. 

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