Travel agencies roll out new tours to attract tourists

In addition to launching air tickets with preferential prices, airlines have continuously refreshed with attractive tours such as hot air balloons, tours of working as pilots to attract domestic and international tourists to Vietnam, representatives of these companies announced on March 16.
Travel agencies roll out new tours to attract tourists ảnh 1  An international Hot Air Balloon Festival a few years ago
Specifically, Vietjet will officially participate in the International Hot Air Balloon Festival in the Northern Mountainous Province of Tuyen Quang on the occasion of Tuyen Quang Tourism Year 2022, taking place from March 30 to April 3.
The event is expected to attract about 20 hot air balloons from many countries and territories, including the UK, USA, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Spain, the Netherlands, and Taiwan (China).
When passengers present their boarding tickets or Vietjet's e-tickets, they will be able to experience flying hot air balloons for free at Nguyen Tat Thanh Square in Tuyen Quang City.
The festival is organized by the International Balloon Association in collaboration with the province’s Department of Culture and Sports. Other visitors will buy tickets with the cheapest one of VND200,000 a person. A ticket for flying into the air (free flight) costs about VND4.5 million a person.
Vietnam Airlines has also launched a tour "Experience as a pilot and flight attendant" for students aged 8-17. They have the opportunity to experience the training process, learn practical skills in the field of aviation by incarnate directly to visit the aircraft, the pilot's cockpit, handle flight safety situations.
Also on March 16, Vietravel Airlines officially opened ticket sales from Hanoi to two central cities, Quy Nhon, Da Nang and vice versa. The airline also offered a discount for the new routes Hanoi - Da Nang (HAN - DAD), Hanoi - Quy Nhon (HAN - UIH) to stimulate the travel demand of passengers in the first phase of reopening flights.
In the 'new normal' period, Vietravel Airlines maintains existing routes with a frequency of 1-2 flights/day, while ensuring the on-time operation rate reaches over 97 percent.
Currently, Vietravel Airlines offers incentives for routes HAN - DAD and vice versa with prices from VND4,300 - VND7,700 a person excluding taxes and fees applied from March 16 to October 26, 2022.

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