Railway sector expects over US$200 mln to upgrade weak bridges, tunnels

The Vietnam Railways Corporation (VNR) has proposed the Ministry of Transport allocate a total of VND4.76 trillion (US$208.1 million) to repair and upgrade weak bridges and tunnels so as to increase the capacity of trains and ensure traffic safety.
Railway sector expects over US$200 mln to upgrade weak bridges, tunnels ảnh 1 Illustrative image (Photo: VNA)

According to VNR, the national railway network currently has 28 degrading and leaky tunnels which have greatly affected train operation, of which 22 are on the Hanoi-Ho Chi Minh City route, and all built during the French colonial period (1927-1935).

As another 7-trillion-VND project has a plan to repair nine tunnels, VNR proposes allocating funds to repair and upgrade the remaining 13 tunnels with a total estimated capital of VND1.9 trillion.

On the other hand, it asked for the allocation of VND1.16 trillion to improve small-radius curves and handle the risk of rolling and falling rocks.

In addition, the agency also asked the ministry to provide about VND1.7 trillion for the reparation and upgrade of weak railway bridges, and separate rail and road traffic on all road-rail bridges.

Previously, VNR proposed allocate around VND2.38 trillion to repair and upgrade more than 40 passenger and cargo terminals in the period 2022-2023 in order to improve capacity and efficiency for road transport, thus facilitating transport recovery to after severe impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.