Quang Tri to open route to Con Co Island

The People’s Committee of the Central province of Quang Tri has proposed the Government to open new tourism route to Con Co Island.

Con Co Island
                                      Con Co Island

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam agreed with the People’s Committee of the Central province of Quang Tri’s proposal.

However, the Deputy PM asked the provincial authorities to work with the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Culture – Sport and Tourism and relevant agencies in planning and building infrastructure to meet demands of socio-economic development as well as of national defense and security.

Con Co Island is located to the East of Vinh Linh district, crossing the 17th parallel about 30 km from the mainland. It is considered one the most beautiful islands of the central region, with an abundant ecosystem and great tourism potential.

The new tour will bring visitors to traditional hall where displays items related to the he history of the army and people of the island over the past 55 years, monument Hill 37 commemorating the soldiers sacrificing themselves to protect the island and Ben Nghe (Nghe Wharf) - Mom Ho beach.

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