Project to provide more utilities and services

A project will provide additional utilities and services this year, said Colonel Vu Van Tan, Deputy Director of the Police Department for Administrative Management of Social Order under the Ministry of Public Security.
Colonel Vu Van Tan

Colonel Vu Van Tan

In 2023, the project on developing the application of population data, identification, and electronic authentication for national digital transformation in the period of 2022-2025, with a vision to 2030 (referred to as Project 06) will provide additional utilities and services to facilitate residents and businesses, according to Colonel Vu Van Tan.

The Project 06 is one of the original groups of digital transformation based on the review of more than 6,800 public services. It aims to select public services close to city dwellers to improve the quality of those services. Presently, 25 essential services were selected for implementation. It is hoped that the project will motivate ministries, agencies and local administrations to review essential public services to improve the quality of service.

Up to now, the Ministry of Public Security has successfully performed 21/25 essential public services within the tasks of Project 06; thus, the Ministry has completed levels 3 and 4 for 187 public services of the police sector. In enriching population data for national population data enrichment, currently connected with 12 ministries, agencies, one state-owned enterprise, three telecommunications enterprises and 15 localities as well as verified information for data cleaning for units. Moreover, the Ministry has enriched population data by synchronizing the social insurance information of more than 27.4 million citizens ad the vaccination data of more than 101.8 million citizens.

The results achieved by the Ministry of Public Security in groups and outside the Project 06 roadmap are highly appreciated by the Government. In the group of public services for socio-economic development, the Ministry of Public Security has used citizen identification cards with chips to serve people to withdraw money at ATMs. The VNeID application has now integrated documents such as citizen identification, health insurance card, vehicle registration, dependents, and driver's license. People can report to the police on the application without going to police stations.

This is also an information channel to help people easily report crimes and report other law violations to authorities quickly and securely. Each citizen is granted a free digital signature for electronic transactions to ensure safety, security and reliability, creating the most convenience in the electronic environment and administrative reform.

Currently, people can use their electronic identity accounts to register for residence and send criminal reports online without going to the police station. In addition, with the integration of health insurance information, citizens can use their electronic identification accounts to go to medical facilities without carrying other documents.

In the near future, the Ministry of Public Security will integrate documents such as driver's licenses and vehicle registration certificates as well as upgrade the VNeID application to create more benefits for citizens on the electronic identity account.

The new version of the VNeID application will add a function that allows people to change their devices by reading the NFC chip on the citizen's identity card in case the citizen loses or breaks the device or cannot log in to get the code.

In 2023, the police sector is expected to provide services and utilities such as integrating electronic identity accounts on the national public service portal for citizens to use online public services.

Inhabitants can use VNeID application in health insurance, education, e-commerce, electronic contracts, market management, tax management, electronic trading floor accounts, social networking platforms, identity authentication video rights, digital products; open payment accounts, e-wallets, biometric authentication for electronic transactions.

In the future, the VNeID application can perform credit scoring in financial and consumption activities, connecting with e-contracts and e-taxes for e-commerce management; furthermore, the application will be used for e-commerce activities towards arrears and tax management.

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