Old version of citizen ID cards to expire on January 1, 2025

The Police Department of Administrative Management of Social Order (C06) yesterday explained 10 details in the Identification Law, effective as of July 1, 2024.


Accordingly, the old version of a citizen ID card will not be valid from January 1, 2025. The iris information of any citizens from six years old is collected when applying for a chip-based ID card.

Any chip-based citizen ID card issued before July 1, 2024 is still valid until expiration date (printed on the card). When in need, a citizen can ask for the newest version of a chip-based ID card. All legal documents using information from the old versions of a citizen ID are still valid.

C06 added that the newest version of a chip-based ID card replaces the content of ‘Place of Origin’, ‘Place of Residence’, ‘Fingerprint’, and ‘Personal Identification’ with ‘Place of Birth Registration’ and ‘Place of Residence’ only. Vietnamese citizens under 14 years old can register for one chip-based ID card when in need.

Vietnamese citizens are not eligible to register for place of permanent or temporary residence if they do not update their current place of residence in the National Population Database.

The Identification Law does not allow the collection of biometric information of children under six years old. Those who are from six years old have their iris information recorded when applying for a chip-based ID card. Other biometric information of DNA and voice is optional and collected when people voluntarily provide it for this process.

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