Nha Trang City faces traffic congestion

Unplanned mushrooming of high-rise buildings and tourist development have overloaded urban infrastructure system and resulted in serious traffic congestion in Nha Trang City of the central province of Khanh Hoa, one of the country’s tourist hub.

Nha Trang City faces traffic congestion
The provincial Department of Tourism says that the province expects to welcome around 6.5 million holiday-makers in 2018.
To provide services for tourists, many people from outlying suburbs have flocked to the city’s downtown along with more vehicles carrying tourists into downtown leading to traffic problem.
Traffic in Tran Phu coastal street, one of the city's most beautiful street, often snarls in rush hour. It takes 30 minutes to travel in 1 kilometer.
Chairman of the city's Architecture Association architect Nguyen Van Loc said traffic congestion is a unavoidable consequence of compact urban with density of many high-rise construction but backward infrastructure.
Deputy Head of the Culture- Social Affairs of the provincial People’s Council Pham Thuy Quynh said at the recent council’s session that before, traffic gridlock just happened in holidays or weekends; nevertheless, this has taken place more often lately causing an annoyance for residents and tourists.
Director of the Department of Transport Nguyen Van Dan pointed out the culprit of the problem is the rise in the number of visitors besides old infrastructure system.
So far, 131 high-rise buildings, 26 condominiums have been built in Nha Trang City while other constructions are ongoing now. Mr. Dan said to handle the problem, the Department has controlled traffic and adopted other measures.
However, architect Nguyen Van Loc added that more hotels and restaurants will be built to meet visitors’ demand of accommodation, also resulting traffic congestion in this city.

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