MoT requests fund allocation to eliminate self-opened paths across railway

The Transport Ministry yesterday asked that localities accommodating railways must allocate money to build fences, collector roads and remove self-opened paths to minimize traffic accidents.


Accordingly, the Ministry of Transport (MoT) directed the People’s Committees of concerned provinces and cities where railways pass through to urge relevant functional agencies in their area to prepare documents for the construction of fences and collector roads along these ways in order to eliminate self-created paths.

After the construction is approved, localities should allocate fund from local budget sources to implement the plan.

During the construction time, the local authorities must assign proper human resources to safeguard the self-opened paths with a high risk of traffic accidents. These people must receive professional training from the railway industry and sufficient equipment to perform their duty.

Vietnam Railways (VNR) informs that traffic accidents related to the railway have repeatedly happened recently. The latest was a collision between a train and a tractor truck at the section passing Nghi Long Commune of Nghi Loc District in Nghe An Province on March 11, 2024. That was the fourth accident at this exact section this year.

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