Monitoring camera system proves effective in public security maintenance

A series of monitoring cameras have been installed in several districts of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). They are connected to form a digital public security system for each district. Thanks to the data captured by them, the police have been able to solve many crimes, from minor to serious, in order to ensure safety of citizens living in the city.

The technical team is handling information sent from smart cameras in District 1. (Photo: SGGP)
The technical team is handling information sent from smart cameras in District 1. (Photo: SGGP)

At 3am on July 27, a couple visited Ministop convenience store on Ba Thang Hai street in District 10. They unexpectedly robbed the shop and quickly escaped on their scooter. Receiving the news, the police of the district were immediately in action.

Retrieving all possible images from a nearby security camera and the one of the shop, they limit the potential accommodation area of those criminals, and at last seized them at around noon of the same day. These law-breakers were unable to deny their offences, looking at the image evidence.

From other security cameras installed in District 10, the police here also solved a case of illegal people capture. In order to collect the debt of VND400 million (approx. US$17,300), a group of 4 captured their victim and took him to Long An Province for torturing. They then forced the debtor to sign a contract for transfer of land use right and ownership to the creditor.

Thanks to the images retrieved from a camera installed at a bank near the crime scene and other security cameras on street, police officers could identify the car licence and track the criminals down. Finally, these law breakers were arrested on August 6.

These are the two illustration to prove the effectiveness of security camera being installed lately throughout HCMC to ensure public safety. Data captured by these cameras are integrated and managed based on a digital map platform, with precise grid coordinates.

This has allowed the retrieval of clear images in accordance with specific area and address. These sharp pictures then become evidence on court to accuse criminals.

Chairman of District 10 People’s Committee Vu Anh Khoa stated that in the near future, the district is going to apply AI and visual analysis to data sent by security cameras in order to deliver warning messages of traffic congestions, unsafe crowds, possible explosions to the police force for timely handling.

Similar to District 10, District 1 finished setting up and integrating over 1000 cameras, some of which are long-ranged in critical spots, and 128 image capturing stations to transfer data to its smart city operation center.

This center of the district receives more than 30 messages about public security a day on average. The Public Security Division of District 1 successfully solved 105 cases and arrested 165 offenders from 2018 to June 2020.

At present, District 9 People’s Committee is also operating a similar center at the head office of District 9 Public Security Division to collect and process data sent by security cameras throughout the district. These valuable pieces of information are used to deliver messages to police officers in 13 wards for security maintenance purposes.

In the upcoming time when the smart city project and digital transformation project are run, the district is planning to unify tasks between the police force and state administration units, with a clear focus on monitoring urban security and sanitation, traffic status, environment issues.

District 9 is going to install more cameras and connect existing ones that still do not belong to the security system, especially on safety hot spots. Then in the next phase, the district will implement AI and professional image analysis software to serve the administration tasks.

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