Ministry requires rent support completion for workers in August

The Ministry of Labor, Invalid and Social Affairs (MOLISA) yesterday said that it had required the People’s Committees of localities to concentrate on implementing worker support policies, directing the Department of Labor, Invalid and Social Affairs to promptly appraise and approve received documents and soon give financial support to those cases whose documents and papers meet requirements as regulated.
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The requirement aimed to push up the progress of supporting rental houses for contract workers in accordance with Decision No.08/2002/QD-TTG. 

Besides, the People’s Committees of localities are required to direct People’s Committees of the district level to assign and arrange officers and officials to receive, appraise and approve documents and timely deliver the support to contract workers as regulated.

Minister of Labor, Invalid and Social Affairs Dao Ngoc Dung stated that the localities had to complete the support by August 30. In addition, the ministry assigned the Department of Employment to arrange working teams to check the late disbursement of the financial support in localities; and the localities have been required to send reports on the spending progress every three days.

According to an update of the Ministry of Labor, Invalid and Social Affairs in the afternoon of August 18, there have been 60 out of 63 provinces and cities having enterprises and employees submitting documents to receive financial support for rental houses following Decision No.08, except for Lai Chau, Dien Bien and Cao Bang as the localities do not have appropriate subjects. 

The People’s Committees at the district level have received 3,988,560 documents with the financial support of more than VND2,837 billion (US$121 million). Of which, there were 2,860,384 appraised, approved documents equaling to financial support of more than VND1,962 billion (US$84 million); and 1,587,543 contract workers have received a total support of over VND1,094 billion (US$47 million).

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