Ministry calls on farmers, cooperatives to rebuild hog herds

Because African swine fever is possibly recurring in several areas leading to shortage of hog, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development called on farmers and cooperatives to restore pig herds.
Ministry calls on farmers, cooperatives to rebuild hog herds

At the Ministry’s yesterday conference in Hanoi, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Xuan Cuong said that the country has nearly 24.89 million hogs ( nearly 80.3 percent compared to the time before ASF ravaged the country).

Nine cities and provinces have raised more pigs than before.

Fifteen large –scale farms and its satellite farms are rearing around 35 percent of hog herds.

At the conference, experts proposed only farms which apply biological safety can re-raise hogs and biologically safe farms should be multiplied in the country.

Minister Cuong said that big farms stepped up re-raising of hogs to restore the herd equal to the time before. Synchronous solutions should be done. The government called on farms and cooperatives adopting biological safety to increase re-raising to gain the set target.

Re-development of stock requires big capital; therefore, banks should go along with farmers and cooperatives for the goal of stabilizing the market and reducing the husbandry’s loss in long term.

The government must pay attention to biological safety if it promotes pig farming in cooperatives and individual farms.