Ministry asks for continued domestic tourism stimulus programmes

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has issued a document, asking tourism management departments, tourism associations and businesses to continue carrying out domestic tourism stimulus programmes in the remaining months of 2020.
Foreign tourists in Vietnam (Photo: VNA)
Foreign tourists in Vietnam (Photo: VNA)
The ministry suggested localities and businesses actively choose their own messages suitable to the attractiveness and specific products of destinations, focusing on stimulating demand of target tourists who are Vietnamese and foreigners working and living in Vietnam.
Enterprises and localities should pay attention to introducing destinations and attracting visitors on the basis of existing stimulus coalitions, and encourage the formation of new stimulus, it said.
According to the ministry, localities and enterprises need to develop high-quality product packages with attractive prices, diversified programmes, and building flexible refunding and swapping policies to ensue the interests of tourists.
The ministry recommends that businesses and localities need to strictly follow instructions and regulations on COVID-19 prevention and control, ensuring safety at travel businesses, accommodation establishments, and destinations,
Tourists and businesses are requested to regularly update information on safe destinations on the mass media and related digital technology applications.
The tourism industry is required to promote communication campaigns about safe and attractive Vietnamese tourism on media channels, contributing to eliminating visitors’ fear of traveling.
The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) is tasked with coordinating activities of tourism stimulus alliances of localities, while tourism associations, businesses, and airlines are required to support localities and businesses to advertise information about the stimulus programmes on the website, the Tourism Newspaper, the Tourism Magazine and the Youtube, Zalo, and Facebook channels of VNAT.

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