Million-dong fresh pine trees from Europe for Christmas decoration demand

Since the beginning of November, many flower shops have run programs for Christmas celebrations, introducing fresh pine trees imported from Europe.

Fresh pine tree price depends on its height. It costs about VND3.3 million for small trees from 1m to 1.25m high, VND7.3 million for those from 2m to 2.25m, and VND9.5 million for those from 2.5m to 3m.

Some over-3m-high pine trees cost up to tens of millions of Vietnamese dong. Most customers prefer fresh pine trees with a height of about 1.5m due to their compact size, which is easy to decorate. Besides pine trees, customers have to buy additional stands at VND750,000-VND950,000 per item and a set of ornaments.

In recent years, fresh pine trees have become hot items at Christmas because they bring a special fragrance and a cozy atmosphere, besides their durability of 6-8 weeks.