Mekong delta promotes Agritourism with farmer participation

The travel industry in the Mekong delta has lately taken off with more holiday-makers, increased revenue and more farmer participation.

Mekong delta promotes Agritourism with farmer participation
Dong Thap province at the heart of the Mekong Delta is one of provinces with most farmer participating in agri-tourism. Nguyen Be Tu, owner of Tu ca Linh a 3-hectare agritourism farm in Tam Nong District said in these days, many holiday-makers phoned to experience flood season in Dong Thap Muoi when they can enjoy fishing linh fish and other species of animals.
Before, Tu family just work on paddy fields and lotus field. After he was sent to visit agritourism farm models in other places, he decided to invest in 3 hectare lotus field into homestay tourism farm.
Visitors can live in thatched houses next to lotus fields to breath fresh air and enjoy nature and landscape. Visitors can drain ditches for fish, pick up vegetables and live with kind inhabitants.
Owner Tu engaged in agritourism for his passion saying that he just wanted to introduce more special animals in Dong Thap; accordingly, many travelers find its way to his homestay farm.
Tangerine farmer Doan Anh Kiet in Lai Vung District converted his farm into homestay accommodation for passion to introduce people and specialties of Dong Thap to visitors.
Deputy head of the province’s Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism Ngo Quang Tuyen said that the province has so far set up models of agritourism such as tangerine farm in Lai Vung District, mango farm in Cao Lanh, watermelon in Thanh Binh District, organic paddy field Tam Viet in Hogn Ngu District, hi-tech flower center in Sa Dec and lotus farm in Thap Muoi.
The Mekong delta province of Ben Tre takes heed to develop agritourism also. A representative from the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism said the province has 39 agritourism villages and 18 handicraft villages where visitors can watch each steps of growing ornamental flower, weaving mattress, knitting and making coconut sweet and cakes.
Farmers in districts Cho Lach, Chau Thanh, Thanh Phu grow organic watermelon, vegetables and orchard for tourism sector.
Tien Giang Province has advantages with agritourism as it has 80,000ha orchard and canals , rivers, special dishes. For years, farmers in isles Thoi Son, Tan Phong have combined growing trees and promoting agritourism to attract many holiday-makers. 16 homestay farms have been opened to meet visitors’ demand.
The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism under the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism said that not only Vietnam but also many nations in the world take heeds to agritourism as the industry generate great benefits contributing to push socio – economic growth especially in countryside stably.
Many countries in the world have exploited agritourism which can beef up consumtion of agricultural products by visitors. Thailand, South Korea and Japan are successful in implementing the model of agritourism; accordingly, Vietnam should learn it, said Deputy Head of the Administration Ngo Hoai Chung.
However, tourism sector should design more forms of agritourism or else visitors will find it uninteresting. Deputy head of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism in An Giang Pham The Trieu said each province should re-think its strength in developing agritourism and then link with other provinces to launch tours.

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