Legislators discuss national target program on cultural development

National Assembly (NA) deputies will discuss the national target program on cultural development for the 2025-2035 period on June 19 as part of the legislature's 7th session.

The national target program on cultural development is a focus of the NA deputies' discussion on June 19. (Photo: VNA)

The three-phase program focuses on activities in the areas of culture and arts, including cultural heritage, grassroots culture, performing arts, fine arts, photography and exhibition.

It aims at creating a strong and comprehensive transformation in cultural development; building, completing and standardising the ethics, identity, mettle and values of the Vietnamese people and families; improving the spiritual life and the ability of the people to access and enjoy culture, settling disparities in cultural enjoyment between regions, social classes and genders, helping to increase labour productivity.

Additionally, it is expected to contribute to preserving and upholding the value of the nation’s unique cultural traits, bolstering socio-economic development, mobilise and focus resources for cultural development, and build high-quality and professional artists, experts and workers in the field.

With the programme, Vietnam expects to improve its position in the international arena by promoting the “soft power” of the Vietnamese culture, international integration in terms of culture, and absorbing the quintessence of the humankind's culture.

At the beginning of the working day, the law-makers will listen to proposals and verification reports on two draft laws, including one on fire prevention and fighting, and search and rescue; and another on people’s air defence.

Proposals and verification reports on the draft Laws on amendments and supplements to the Land Law, Housing Law, Real Estate Business Law, and Law on Credit Institutions will be presented in the afternoon. After that, legislators will discuss in groups the bills on fire prevention and fighting, and search and rescue; and people’s air defence.

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