Lam Dong opens concentrated accommodations, prioritizes vaccination for drivers

As long-distance truck drivers and drivers’ assistants are continuously infected with Covid-19, these people are prioritized to get vaccinated first.
Lam Dong opens concentrated accommodations, prioritizes vaccination for drivers ảnh 1 Long-distance truck drivers make medical declarations at a checkpoint on Highway No.20 at the entrance and exit of Lam Dong Province. (Photo: SGGP)
On July 18, the Department of Transport of Lam Dong Province announced the registration for Covid-19 vaccination for drivers and drivers’ assistants in Lam Dong Province.

Specifically, all drivers and drivers’ assistants who transported goods out of the province and back from July 4 to now need to urgently contact the provincial Department of Transport via telephone numbers at 0983189059 and 0933620052 for screening examination and vaccinating against Covid-19 in the coming time.

At present, in Lam Dong Province, some concentrated accommodations for drivers and drivers’ assistants have also been established for the Covid-19 prevention. Accordingly, in Da Lat City, the Guest House of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor was requisitioned. This place can accommodate up to 200 people per day with a fee of VND120,000 per person per day and VND200,000 per person per day for food.
Lam Dong opens concentrated accommodations, prioritizes vaccination for drivers ảnh 2 Many drivers and drivers’ assistants prepare food right on the truck to limit getting off while transporting goods. (Photo: SGGP)
In Cat Tien District, this locality also turned the cultural house of Quang Ngai Commune into a concentrated accommodation for drivers and drivers’ assistants. They only have to pay VND80,000 per person per day for meals according to the regulations, while the accommodation and living expenses are free of charge. Previously, many drivers and drivers’ assistants reported that they were discriminated against when transporting goods, such as not being allowed to enter the store to buy food and drink. Some stores even had a signboard that read 'No vegetable truck', making it even more difficult for those involved in transporting goods. By the morning of July 18, Lam Dong Province had recorded 18 cases of Covid-19. The recent cases were drivers and drivers’ assistants transporting goods on the Lam Dong - HCMC route. Currently, in Lam Dong Province, there are about 2,500 long-distance trucks transporting goods to other localities. Supporting drivers and drivers’ assistants will ensure an uninterrupted supply chain because Lam Dong Province supplies thousands of tons of vegetables, tubers, and fruits to HCMC and Southern provinces daily.

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